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Dr. Amir Ullah Khan

Centre for Development Policy and Practice

Hyderabad, India

Dr. Amir Ullah Khan has a PhD in Economics and Business Studies from the Jamia Millia University and is a Professor of Economic Policy at the MCRHRDI (Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Development Institute) of the Government of Telangana in Hyderabad, India.

A former civil servant, Amir has worked at Project LARGE (Legal Adjustments and Reforms for Globalising the Economy) of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and the UNDP. He then worked with Encyclopaedia Britannica as executive director and editor after which he was Senior Fellow and Director at The India Development Foundation.

He has been head of research and strategy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Khan  served as a member of the Board of Governors at the Presidency University, Bangalore.

He is also a member in the Telangana Government’s Commission of Inquiry on Socio-economic conditions of Muslims in the state.

He has been Adjunct Professor of Business and Law at the Edith Cowan University. He teaches at the Indian School of Business and the NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad.