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Mohammed Ayub Khan

Doctoral Candidate
McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Mohammed Ayub Khan is a Toronto based researcher and public administration professional.

He has worked at provincial and municipal levels of government and has vast experience of community engagement.

He holds a BA in Political Science from York University (Toronto), MA from McMaster University (Hamilton), and is currently finishing his Political Science.

His academic research is focused on Muslim minority communities. His special areas of interest are waqf administration, affirmative action, social cohesion, and constitutional provisions for religious minorities.

He has published academic articles in Journal of Muslims Minority Affairs, Muslim World Book Review, Journal of Fraser Valley University, Sikh Studies, etc.

His chapter on Global Muslim Demography was published this year in Halal Food Production. He is currently undertaking a project on studying the social infrastructure of Muslim communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mohammed Ayub Khan is involved with many community organizations and had served as the president of the American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin.